About us

The laboratory

With a team of eleven people and a surface area of 430 m2, the Laboragro laboratory carries out physico-chemical and technological analyses on grain and oil-protein crops.

It thus meets the quality control needs of cooperatives, traders, and industrial users of grain as well as shippers operating on the international market for agricultural products.

Flour analysis is intended for millers and bread, pastry, and biscuit manufacturers. The provision of vocational training on grain grading and quality for storage professionals completes this offer.

With 30,000 analyses carried out on over 18,000 samples a year, Laboragro is a key stakeholder in the grain sector. It is the ‘Analysis’ unit of Union InVivo’s Logistic & Storage Department.

Key figures

A team of experts

1 doctor in chemistry

2 engineers

4 technicians

4 laboratory assistants

samples per year
determinations provided to our customers
0 +
determinations (of which 31 accredited )
0 m2
of laboratory space
in annual turnover

Official recognition

Incograin approvals (Syndicat de Paris du Commerce et des Industries des Grains):
All cereals , Common wheat, Durum wheat, Malting barley, Maize, Oilseeds, Pulses for animal and human consumption

Affiliate Member Analyst FOSFA:
international oilseeds trade

Approuved Analyst GAFTA:
international grains trade

Euronext Nyse Life approval (MATIF):
Common wheat, rapeseed, maize, sunflower

Founding member of BIPEA:
monthly participation in ten interlaboratories proficiency tests

COFRAC accreditation:
accreditation no. 1-6725, scope available on www.cofrac.fr

Personalised support


  • Advice on the analyses to carry out according to deadlines,
  • number of samples and budge
  • Support in drawing up specifications
  • Assistance in interpreting results

Service quality

  • Compliance with standardised operating procedures
  • Reliability of results
  • Compliance with deadlines


  • Grouping of samples of a period by contract
  • Preparation of a weighted average sample, if necessary
  • Calculations of weighted averages per contract
  • Provision of results by post, fax, or email
  • No surprises: net prices, without administration fees