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Our activities

Réception des échantillons
Receipt of samples
Each sample is assigned an internal reference number when it is entered in our IT system ensuring that it remains identified throughout the laboratory’s process.
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Division broyage
Division and grinding​
Each sample is divided into a greater or lesser number of fractions according to the analyses required by the customer.
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Oilseeds and meals​
Oilseed prices are based on the three basic analyses that determine the amount of oil that can be extracted from the seed (water, dockage, oil).
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Grain and protein crops — Physical analyses
These parameters, considered obsolete by some, nevertheless remain the basis of trading contracts.
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Grain and protein crops — Chemical analyses
These chemical analyses provide the composition of the samples submitted to the laboratory.
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Grain — Technological analyses​
These are the quality analyses par excellence because they determine the grain’s suitability for its industrial use.
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Flour and milled products​
In addition to chemical and technological analyses, we offer a few determinations that allow manufacturers to check flour compliance with user specifications.
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Automation of grading by image processing, automatic recognition of dockage by hyperspectral imagery, development of the spectral method for Hagberg falling number, etc.
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